Why NFT?

The blockchain is a fast technology capable of managing transactions and record ownership contracts for very large collections of art. It also keeps track of the total value of a collection, exactly as stock is evaluated in a market. We can refer to an artwork which has a smart contract attached to it as NFT.

Smart contracts can be programmed to distribute revenue towards several entities each time a transaction occurs. Entities such as the artists, the galleries, the collectors, organizations or communities. Collections can attract investors which share a common cause. For example: those willing to donate to organizations that promote awareness about mental health or research the mind, might be interested in purchasing an NFT programmed to do so automatically. With increased demand, the value of an artwork also increases and this added value could be, again, redistributed. For a feasible investment, the personal and the common revenues must be kept in balance. Therefore the smart contract has to be carefully adjusted.

EMID is currently looking for NFT promoters, preferably with knowledge of marketing and finance, dedicated to the cause, and capable of launching the collection with an initial offer.